Photo Requirements

Taking the right photo is a very important part in the process of creating your pet portrait. This guide will explain what makes a good photo and what makes a bad one. Please feel free to email me your photos and I will let you know whether they are suitable.

Good Examples


This is a great example of a photo that would make the perfect portrait.

  • High resolution photo taken with a digital camera.
  • Taken outside in natural daylight. (Not direct sunlight)
  • The photo is taken at the same level as the dog.
  • When zooming in, we can see a lot of detail in the face and a good reflection in the eyes. A good way of testing whether a photo is detailed enough is to zoom in on the face. If you can see the individual hairs on the dog’s coat, then it is a high enough resolution for me to work from.

Bad Examples


Bad Photo: Distance

This photo would not work as the dog is too far away from the camera, when zooming in no detail can be seen in his face.


Bad photo: Action Shot

Dogs caught in action do not make for a good shot as they often appear blurry.


Bad photo: Artificial Light

Photos taken in artificial light are not suitable as the colour of the dogs fur is often altered by the unnatural lighting.