Commission Info

 Price List


10×12″ £250
12×16″ £350 £420
14×18″ £450 £540
16×20″ £550 £660
18×24″ £780


In order to secure your slot, a high resolution photo must be required and approved at time of booking. (Please see photo guide below for help and advice on taking the best photo for your portrait.) For more than two subjects in a portrait, please contact me for an individual quote.



Postage to anywhere in the UK is £10, your parcel will be delivered using Royal Mail Recorded.

For anywhere else in the world your parcel will be sent tracked, please contact me for an individual shipping quote.


Photo Requirements

Taking the right photo is a very important part in the process of creating your pet portrait. This guide will explain what makes a good photo and what makes a bad one. Please feel free to email me your photos and I will let you know whether they are suitable.

Good Examples


This is a great example of a photo that would make the perfect portrait.

  • High resolution photo taken with a digital camera.
  • Taken outside in natural daylight. (Not direct sunlight)
  • The photo is taken at the same level as the dog.
  • When zooming in, we can see a lot of detail in the face and a good reflection in the eyes. A good way of testing whether a photo is detailed enough is to zoom in on the face. If you can see the individual hairs on the dog’s coat, then it is a high enough resolution for me to work from.

Bad Examples


Bad Photo: Distance

This photo would not work as the dog is too far away from the camera, when zooming in no detail can be seen in his face.


Bad photo: Action Shot

Dogs caught in action do not make for a good shot as they often appear blurry.


Bad photo: Artificial Light

Photos taken in artificial light are not suitable as the colour of the dogs fur is often altered by the unnatural lighting.