Danielle is an award-winning wildlife and pet portrait artist, living and working in the beautiful countryside of Berkshire. Working in various forms of pastel, she prides herself on her realism, attention to detail and ability to capture the emotion behind the eyes of each individual animal. Hundreds of hours can go into one piece and she gets great satisfaction out of completing and selling her artworks. 

She has always had a passion for wildlife and finds that her art is the perfect way to express this. She loves the way that her work can emphasise both the beauty and fragility of the animal kingdom and is hopeful that she can help create the essential awareness for the ever decreasing natural world. 

Danielle loves to work with clients and is currently taking custom orders for wildlife pieces, please get in touch for further information on this.





In 2017, she was a finalist of the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and at the end of the exhibiton, named as the People’s Choice winner.

“It was wonderful to be shortlisted for this year’s competition and winning the People’s Choice award made this year really special for me.” – Full Article